Hair Stylist and Barber Grant

We’ve been helping small businesses stand out in search engines for over 20 years

Are you a hair salon or barber shop owner, stylist, braider, or barber looking to enhance your online visibility? Furzy’s grant program is your ticket to attracting more clients with expert SEO services at no cost.

View of the top and back of the head of a person with neatly organized box braids.

Improve Your Organic Search Footprint for Hair Services

Driving organic traffic to your website is key to increasing your customer base. We track your website’s performance and implement changes to improve your ranking on search engine results pages for “barber near me”, “braids near me”, and “hair stylist near me” searches. This means more visibility for your business, and more customers walking through your door.

Free Hair Marketing Services

At Furzy Marketing, we believe in supporting small and local businesses. That’s why we offer our SEO services free of charge for qualifying sites. We’re committed to helping you succeed online, without any hidden costs or fees. With Furzy SEO, you can focus on what you do best – helping people look and feel great.

Hair Grant Qualifications and Details

what you need (to do) to get help

You are a hair professional or manage a hair services business.

You have a live website.

Unfortunately we are not able to optimize social media profiles, Linktree pages, or checkout pages.

You complete our grant application (clicking the below button).

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Grant admin

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a certain amount of new braid or fade clients, as we do not control Google. However, we will use above board tactics that we have confidence can help drive additional exposure.

This grant has a rolling deadline. We hope to be able to sustain this for program for a long time to come.

There is no predetermined amount of winners. We will support more stylists if we have more bandwidth.

Our response time to applicants will depend on the popularity of the program. We may contact you long after you apply.

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How Furzy Supports Pros

Furzy will create a strategy to help drive more search visibility, traffic, and clients to your site.

Furzy will create a reporting dashboard to track how your website performs.

We will optimize titles, headings, images, and links.

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