Furzy is invested in seeing your mobile app thrive.

That's why we emphasize effective marketing and public relations techniques that will make your app stand out from countless other applications being created every day. We understand that your application's image and brand are just as important as the app itself, and that's why you can feel confident having Furzy in your corner.

Why is pr so important?

PR techniques are vast, but they all boil down to generating positive press. Furzy's public relations techniques have been proven to promote, advance, and benefit clients' applications, and we do this by defining and communicating your app's message in the most straightforward ways possible. A good PR campaign will improve your app's brand and reputation, generating interest and increasing demand.

The mobile marketplace is exploding

Did you know that Google Play and Apple's App Store receive 1,000 new app submissions each day? That's a lot of competition! How will your app stand out from other apps in your niche? A professional app marketing partner like Furzy has the strategies to make your launch stand out from the rest. We get journalists' attention early, cementing your launch date and preparing it for editorial promotion. We generate buzz with organized activities, such as virtual events and online street teams, and we plan each media kit to offer the best and most effective information about both you and your mobile application. Every step of the way, we're driving media attention straight to your app!


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What we offer

We'll start by determining your app's unique value and positioning, clearly defining its strengths and qualities before reaching out to the press. This allows your app to enter the market with its best foot forward, so to speak, which is crucial when it's competing against thousands of other apps in the same niche.

Polished previews are essential, and we can generate excitement around your app by offering a sneak peek during the weeks leading up to its release. This type of beta test will not only impress the press, but it also has the potential to help market your app via word of mouth.

You can also expect positive reviews from noted publications. Unlike most app developers, Furzy clients enjoy thoughtful PR strategies that are well-planned before any press communication is ever released. That's why we focus on defining your app's qualities, value proposition, and unique positioning. This makes your app more interesting to the press and encourages widespread reviews.

Furzy gets people talking. We're in the business of starting conversations, so we develop your app's story from a unique and unexpected angle, generating as much interest as possible before it even hits the market.

Why furzy?

You might be thinking about launching your app without professional public relations and app marketing strategies, but you'd be missing out. Many app developers who go this route find their app flopping, only to seek professional marketing help after the fact. Because any major PR announcement should come within six months post-launch, and ideally before launch, developers have to play catch up within a short amount of time, and that's not something you want to do.

Public relations is so much more than promoting your app via social media, although we do that, as well. We've created our own effective PR strategies, and we maintain a large network of media professional contacts. This is something most developers don't have. And, unlike many other app marketing companies, you'll have a Furzy marketing team working to build your specific app brand from start to finish. Simply put, Furzy gives your app the specialized attention it requires.