Nearly 1,000 apps are submitted to Apple's App Store and Google Play each day.

This means that any new app you create will have to compete with an ever-growing number of apps already saturating the market. Furzy understands the importance of vertical marketing, focusing on this specific niche and attracting consumers with specialized marketing techniques. Professional marketing is necessary for any app to succeed, and Furzy is here to help your app stand apart from the rest.

Your Furzy marketing team will create and build your app brand using several different methods, including:

App Store SEO (ASO)

The shift from desktop computers to mobile apps is growing faster than ever, but consumers still perform searches to find what they need, making it important to optimize your app for App Store search engines. The downside is that mobile app SEO isn't as sophisticated as Google technology, so it's difficult for many developers to effectively utilize SEO. Furzy understands the nuances of App Store SEO and will focus on optimizing your app's search performance from the get-go.

PR Strategies

The majority of app developers don't have a clear PR strategy when it comes to marketing their app, but a well executed PR campaign can make or break an app launch. In fact, studies have shown that the most successful apps tend to be the ones that get off to the best start. Furzy's PR strategies include defining your app's qualities, value proposition, and unique positioning before releasing any press communication.


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Social Marketing

It's crucial to utilize social media when marketing your app, and the experts at Furzy are experienced in connecting with consumers across social networks. We bring a fresh spin to each of our marketing campaigns, adding unique touches that show potential customers why your app is special. Encouraging user participation and spreading the word via social media is a great way to boost the success of your app launch and subsequent sales.


Pay-Per-Install and Pay-Per-Click

Paid installs and PPC services are key in app marketing. Pay-per-install tends to work on a bidding system and is a great way to advertise your app across other apps – you simply pay for any installs you receive as a result from advertisements on other apps. Pay-per-click uses a similar principle but enhances traditional text ads.

Furzy integrates all of these techniques in our app marketing strategies, ensuring each client receives the specialized attention required of a successful marketing campaign.