App Store SEO is a whole different ballgame from traditional SEO.

Also called App Store Optimization (ASO), it's the process of improving your mobile app's visibility on Apple's App Store or Google Play. The goal is to achieve a high ranking in store search results, generating a greater number of downloads for your app.

App Store SEO Goals

Optimization is all about driving more traffic to a specific piece of content. Furzy works to boost your app in search engines on the most popular app stores so they are ranked higher than competitors in your niche. We also strive to increase the ranking of your app for certain keywords and to obtain a higher ranking in Google's application search. Our marketing team understands that appealing graphics and other detailed considerations increase the chances of these goals being met, so you can expect a well-rounded service when turning to us for your App Store SEO needs.

Our Methods

Furzy implements a variety of App Store SEO methods for our clients. Unlike traditional SEO, app store optimization is a young field in which efficacy and success rates are relatively unknown. This makes it difficult for an app developer to strike out alone on app store optimization. Our team of experienced app marketers will discover the right keywords for your app through Furzy's intensive keyword research designed to analyze, target, and drive relevant app store visitors to you. We are also experienced in conversion rate optimization, which converts the traffic acquired from our keyword research into authentic app downloads.

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Utilizing keywords alone isn't enough in app optimization. Our marketing team uses state-of-the-art analytic tools to track your keyword success rate. This allows us to chart a new course, if necessary, and update keywords based on effectiveness. App icons, screenshots, and localization are also important aspects of making an app appeal to a wider audience, but Furzy has you covered.

Thoughtful White Hat Solutions

Some marketers promise app success based on black hat solutions, which include falsifying ratings and downloads with bots or other unsavory techniques. Furzy proudly sticks to white hat solutions that app stores approve of and deem acceptable, presenting your app in a professional manner that allows you to see genuine growth. Valid marketing strategies not only look more appealing to consumers, but they tend to have higher ratings, which pushes apps into higher ranked spots where they will enjoy more exposure.