Deciding when to start marketing your app can be difficult.

If you start too early, people will lose interest or forget about your app by the time it is actually released and it can be expensive to keep their enthusiasm up by continually marketing the app to them. On the other hand, if you start too late, you won’t be able to get the word out about your app fast enough. How do you strike the right balance? Here’s how to evaluate your app and see if it’s time to start marketing:

Your Furzy marketing team will create and build your app brand using several different methods, including:

How long until your app will be finished?

If you have more than two months left, it might be too early to start some phases of marketing. While you'll want to have started your website and have a live, if only barely function, If you start bombarding your followers with information about your app a month before they’ll ever be able to see it, they might get tired of hearing about. However, if you have about a month left, you’ll probably have enough time to spread the word but won’t tease potential players so early that they won’t remember the app once it actually is released.

your app finished enough to advertise?

One of the biggest mistakes some developers make is marketing the app before the app is ready. Why is this a bad thing? Because if you don’t have finished designs, snapshots, and pictures to use in your marketing, you won’t be giving potential users an accurate picture of what the app looks like and is supposed to do. Of course, you don’t have to wait until the app is actually finished to start marketing it (that would be too late to start), but you should wait until the most essential parts of the app are done.


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Do you have marketing channels waiting for your app?

If you don’t have a plan for growing your user base with social media, app stores, trailers and interviews, or an optimized website, you’re not ready to publish your app. You need to create and begin executing on an actionable plan before your submit your app for distribution. Start drafting your marketing plan prior to the beginning of development. Begin executing on that plan at least 60 days prior to your planned release date. The success of your project depends on it.